About Soapbirds

I started making soap in 2011, as a way to keep in touch with far away family and friends. Anyone who makes soap quickly comes to know how truly stimulating, wild and creative it can be! Soapmaking is "my fix" of art, color, nature, science, scent, geometry and design all rolled into one!  All gets mixed together and naturally becomes "something" useful, nurturing and reviving to us, in a simple, peaceful ritual called bathing.  Enjoy!

About the soap:

SOAPBIRDS embraces the rich resources found in nature and features them in our nurturing handcrafted soaps, skin care and gift products. Our soaps contain a rich max amount of olive oil (usually 40%) + organic coconut oil, luxurious milks, aloe vera, shea and/or cocoa butters, pureed organic vegetables, essential oils, phthalate free fragrance oils and attentive handmade love.  We believe that your skin deserves better than cheap, detergent chemicals that strip and dry your skin. Natural products help nurture your skin with the gentle cleaning and care that it truly deserves.

Our soaps are made and cured in small controlled batches to ensure that you receive a mild bar that rejuvenates your skin! We strive to use creative handmade packaging that is eco-friendly, recycled OR recyclable. 

Soapbirds Soaps--- Naturally Good for your skin and the earth!