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About us:
Birds remind us to appreciate natural beauty, to dream in vibrant color and to explore exotic places. We are inspired by their endless happiness. Feathers!"


At Soapbirds Natural Bath & Body we choose to work with high quality, "earth-centric" ingredients that not only uplift and calm mind and body but are equally comforting to delicate skin. All of our soaps are therefore handmade, biodegradable, detergent free, Phthalate free and preservative free! Each bar includes a "luxurious mix" of responsibly sourced ingredients. The ingredients will vary in individual soaps, but Soapbirds has and continues to maintain our original focus on: 40%+ Olive oil and/or skin soothing milks (coconut or goats in EVERY bar! ❤️ ❤️❤️ We often add Aloe vera juice and "double butters" (shea + cocoa) to round out the "skin appeal" of our soaps.  Our simple goal is: make 98-100% natural self care products that soothe skin, nurtures mind and spirit and are equally kind to the earth. "Please bathe responsibly." 

  • We use natural therapeutic grade essential oils blends for soap scent, along with several "Fragrance-Free" soaps for those with extra sensitivities.
  • No detergents, sulfates, parabens or preservatives are ever used.
  • Natural colorants include clays, herbs, salts, oxides, ultramarines, and "nature-identical" skin-safe micas for a select few soaps.
  • *COMING SOON: Our new soy wax candles are made with proprietary combinations of essential oils and high quality, phthalate free synthetic fragrances, for increased scent throw.

All Soaps are made and cured in small batches to ensure that you receive a mild, hard bar that cleans and refreshes your skin! We use handmade packaging made from earth-friendly, recycled or recyclable materials, to limit our impact on our planet.