All Natural Beard Oil/1 oz/2 oz/Pre-Shaving Oil/Secret to a Professional Shave Oil/Choose an Aroma


"Natural Beard Oil/Men's Pre-Shaving Oil/Body Oil/Gift for him/Gift under 15
The #1 secret to a great shave? Use a Pre-shave oil. A simple non-fussy, old time remedy that men will truly love! {My husband (Bird 2) says "Wow!" every time he uses this oil}

Our manly, spice scented Uncle Ben's Pre-Shave Oil brings relief to his precious skin. Or use this oil to tame unruly beards and coarse hairs. {And it's 100% natural!} Remove the stress of razor burns, bumps and other shaving "nasties" with our 1 oz. soothing oil (or save with our new 2 oz size!) Prepares, calms and protects his face (or head) with natures best moisturizing and healing ingredients: Castor, Olive & Grapeseed oils, along with antioxidant Vitamin E. Our oil is lightly scented with a choice blend of natural essential oils. Welcome to the right way of shaving. He will feel great about his daily shave. Simple. Effective. All Natural. He will LOVE it! (And you)

This listing is for 1 Shaving Oil: Choose either 1 oz. OR 2 oz. size
*Please include your choice of scent: Original (Subtle-Spice) or Lavender

Ps. Men, you might want to hide your oil!- {Women love to shave their legs with Uncle Ben's pre-shaving oils too}

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