Soap-By-The-Loaf/Great for gift giving/Cut your own!


"SOS!" "SOS!" [Save-on-Soap!]
Want to stock up, share and/or save on soap? Save 15% on natural handmade soap by purchasing one (or more) of our new "Soap by the Loaf!" {This item ships with our "One-Price" Shipping of only $5.95!}

Luxury Shea butter + Coconut Milk Soap loaves are custom "made-to-order" and will be shipped to you after curing. Share the (always) welcome gift of handmade, natural soap! Your nature loving family and friends will thank you! [Shipping date is currently: 3 weeks from production] *NOTE: even though you're soap loaf will be shipped in 3 weeks, we recommend allowing your soap to continue to cure before using it! After 4 - 6 weeks of curing, you will have longer lasting soap bars!
This listing is for: (1) 2 lb Soap Loaf
***{A 2 lb soap loaf is roughly equal to 8 - 9 soap bars! Depending how you cut your bars. 1 inch bar, 1.25 inch bar, etc;} Rough costs? Between $5.25 - $5.90/Bar!!!

Order your own all natural 2 lb soap loaf, in your choice of color and scent.

Colors choices are:
1. Plain/No color
2. Blue & White (Natural)
3. Yellow & White (Natural)
4. Green & White (Natural)
5. "Fusion!" {Maximum of 5 colors/loaf please. One color must be natural}
($5 additional cost)

Choose a custom scent!
Scent choices are:
A. Lavender
B. Cedarwood
C. Lemongrass
D. Light Peppermint
E. Sweet Orange!

*** Please remember to leave us the details of what your scent choice and also color choices are for your soap during checkout!